Well of Souls ~ Orphaned Worlds
The World you have selected, is an Orphan...

Sometimes a really terrific world disappears because its author is unable to continue hosting it. Rather than have all that work evaporate, I host it here 'as an orphan'. Orphaned worlds have names which start with "o_" (so they do not conflict with the 'real' worlds, published directly by their authors) and are 'static' (fully developed, with no expected future patches).

I can not vouch for the content of these worlds, as they were not created by me (they may contain mature subject matter, for example), but they each represent the effort of one or more talented and hard-working designers, so please give them a try!

To install this world, press the 'download' button on the "Search for New Worlds" dialog.

If you are the world's original author and you have re-established hosting of your world, please let me know about it by sending me an email to: dan 'at' synthetic-reality.com

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